We simplify documentation bureaucracy for B2C and B2B in Brazil using technology, reducing costs and gaining efficiency.

Rock and Roll

We change the way people and companies deal with registry offices.

Sobre o Problema

Companies lose money with bureaucracy and with the lack of control over documents - documents that are required on important processes for financials, construction and agro businesses. Inefficiency generates financial losses and delays of up to 180 days in some services.

Sobre o Produto ou Solução

On B2B we developed a platform to manage these documents. On B2C we developed a MVP e-commerce that sells duplicates of birth, death and marriage certificates.

Sobre o Mercado

Cartórios generate 6 billion dollars a year with a totally primitive way, almost without any technology. This market is also huge but is closed and old fashion.

Sobre o Modelo de Negócios

On B2C we charge a price per certificate and a fee to use our platform. On B2C we charge a price per certificate.

Sobre o Estágio e Realizações

Cartórios.com.vc is new but cash flow is positive since the Day 1.

Sobre a Equipe

Pedro Roso - CEO worked on retail market, leading marketing teams, was responsible to launch 7 big brands in the market. Rodrigo Lopes - CTO and previously worked on great startups here, leading IT teams. Flávio Castaldi - COO is the guy who know this industry like no one.

Estágio de desenvolvimento:

Escala (estou acelerando o crescimento)

São Paulo, SP, Brasil